Body Armour Consultants and Testing Services

Biokinetics has vast experience in assessing personal defense products for military, government, and civilian organizations around the world. We rely on the latest technology and best practices brought together by hands-on experience.  By assessing a client’s operational environment, individual needs and local risks our aim is to provide clear advice on suitable body armour products to maximize safety. 
It is important to note that we are independent consultants, not tied to any particular manufacturers of personal protective products.  We work for military and law enforcement organizations like the NIJ, DND, DRDC, RCMP, OPP and CSC.  We are represented on many standards committees including ASTM Subcommittee E54.04 on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  
Biokinetics operate ballistics test ranges as a third party independent test house and have over 20 years’ experience in this area. We can test in accordance with police, military, and industry standards as well as providing customized testing services to meet your validate your designs, prepare for bids or even set up quality control programs. 
To discuss your requirements for body armour or testing services, contact Biokinetics (
Items of Personal Protection:
  • Ballistic plates
  • Ballistics vests
  • Ballistic shields
  • Ballistic helmets
Current RFI’s and RFP’s that we can assist with:
  • Solicitation 21120-152493/A – Ballistic Soft Body Amrour, closing Sep 20, 2016.
  • Solicitation 21401-161977/A – Helmets, closing Aug. 30, 2016
  • Solicitation M7594-171495/B – Portable Ballistic Shields,  closed


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