ASTM E54 Homeland Security Applications

Biokinetics is contributing its expertise and experience to creating a safer nation as a member of ASTM’s (American Society for Testing and Materials) newest technical committee; E54 on Homeland Security Applications.  Biokinetics is involved with the ASTM subcommittee E54.04 on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As homeland security initiatives continue to evolve, voluntary consensus standards are viewed as a critical unifying component to the long-term success of these initiatives. Unified standards development under the ASTM umbrella offers us the opportunity to team up with other technical experts who, together, will help create the standards and guidance materials that will influence major areas of homeland security.

ASTM and NIJ (National Institute of Justice) have created a custom portal designed to make sharing relevant data easier than ever before. This is part of a larger effort in which NIJ and ASTM International are working together to develop standards and test methods that address the needs of the public safety community.


Proposed new standards under the jurisdiction of E54.04 include:

  1. WK46277 New Test Method for Measuring Backface Deformation of Clay Backing During Body Armor Testing
  2. WK50190 New Practice for Hard Armor Test Item Conditioning
  3. WK50483 New Practice for Standard practice for nonplanar, soft armor test items
  4. WK52176 Assessment of Ballistic Limit for Body Armor
  5. WK46152 New Specification for Performance of Head Protection for Law Enforcement Applications
  6. WK46196 New Specification for Ballistic Test Range Configuration for Small Arms and Fragmentation Testing of Body Armor
  7. WK45341 New Test Method for Ballistic Resistant Shields
  8. WK54013 Ballistic Resistant Head Protection for Law Enforcement Applications
  9. WK51004 New Specification for Protective Gloves Worn by Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers While on Duty
  10. WK52177 Assessment of Penetration Resistance and Backface Signature for Body Armor
  11. WK52497 Body Armor Program Management

Active standards under the jurisdiction of E54.04:

  1. E2902-12 Standard Practice for Measurement of Body Armor Wearers
  2. E2952-14 Standard Specification for Air-Purifying Respiratory Protective Smoke Escape Devices (RPED). See also WK49922 proposed revision
  3. E3003-15 Standard Practice for Body Armor Wearer Measurement and Fitting of Armor
  4. E3004-15 Standard Specification for Preparation and Verification of Clay Blocks Used in Ballistic-Resistance Testing of Torso Body Armor
  5. E3005-15 Standard Terminology for Body Armor

For over 40 years, Biokinetics has been providing consulting, testing services and specialized test products for personal protection systems intended to resist ballistic, stab, blast and blunt impact threats including body amour, helmets, shields, vehicle armour and buildings/structures.  Contact us at


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