Come See Us at CANSEC


Our vehicle and body armour evaluation capabilities will be on display at Canada’s premier defence trade show on May 25-26, 2016 in Ottawa.  Biokinetics serves industry and government agencies alike by providing R&D expertise in protective systems for military personnel.  Drop by and see how we CAN SECure the health and safety of our nation’s protectors.

Bomb Suit Standard Released


The National Institute of Justice has released Public Safety Bomb Suit Standard 0117.01, a May 2016 update to the existing NIJ bomb suit standard. This standard was developed by a panel of practitioners, technical experts and others with experience in standards development and conformity assessment. This document is a voluntary performance standard for bomb suits for use by certified public safety bomb technicians while performing render safe procedures and disposal activities. It defines both performance requirements and the methods used to test performance. The standard addresses six key areas: fragmentation, impact, flame, some blast overpressure, optics and ergonomics.

You can download the standard from

Understanding Attacks Using Knives & Cutting Instruments

BIOKINETICS plays key role in the development of an updated stab/slash #bodyarmor performance standard.

• A report on stab weapon characterization for corrections environments has been released by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service of the National Institute of Justice.  Get the report at or see https://justnet.orgfor more news.

• The report prepared by Biokinetics and Wayne State University covers a survey of over 1000 weapons found in corrections institutes across the U.S. and summarizes their ability to penetrate stab resistant body armour through a down selection process involving physical and performance based characteristics.

• Exemplar stab threats were developed for updates to the NIJ 0115.00 test methodology for Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor.

• A summary of the program can also be found in the 2014 Personal Armour Systems Symposium (PASS) proceedings.  See